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Jun 13 2009

The start to summer!

So it’s been way too long since I updated this and the end of the school year was filled with lots of stuff, so I’m going to divide up the last few months into a series of manageable posts I’ll put in over the next couple of days (yay summer!). But yes, I survived my first year of teaching!!

In my first week of summer vacation I have:
1)Planted a small garden in my backyard
2)Got an Arkansas fishing license, caught a bunch of fish with some friends in Bear Creek, and then took them back home where we cleaned/gutted them and fried them up. Gotta love the south.
3)Refinished a junky old bookshelf I salvaged from my garage. Went to the hardware store, sanded it down, and stained it this really nice mahogany color. I think I have a new hobby now…

Tonight my band is playing another show around Memphis. We’re starting to get on a roll and this has probably been the coolest part of my life outside of school. If you haven’t seen the website yet, check out for a list of upcoming dates!! Nothing like a little shameless self-promotion…

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