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Dec 17 2008

“Bad” Weather

So Monday we were supposed to have our dress rehearsal for tonight’s concert. But our principal cancelled our rehearsal yesterday because of impending bad weather. By bad weather I mean that it might rain later, and temperatures were getting low, so freezing rain was possible. However, the weather forecast didn’t have anything coming through until 9:00 so I thought we were good for our 3:30 – 4:30 rehearsal. The explanation I got from him as to why he insisted on calling everything off was that “The water on the roads already is starting to freeze.”

I cleaned up my stuff and went home for the day. The roads were bone dry.

Then today it was almost an instant replay of the day before. Because it was still drizzling out – mind you nothing had frozen on the roads, and it was a fog more than a rain, MY CONCERT TONIGHT WAS CANCELLED. I had been preparing for this date for a while, telling my students over and over to “Mark off December 16th on your calendars. We are having a concert that night.” Gave all my students posters, newletters to parents to tell them about the event, trying to get people to come out to this thing. And then got it called on account of “rain.” Here it is 10:30, just got back from driving around the area and there is NO RAIN. It’s been dry all day. And it’s not freezing outside.

I hate alarmists who cancel everything because of a threatening weather report. And apparently the appropriate reaction in the south to temperatures dropping below freezing is to shut everything down.

So we’ll try to do it Thursday night. Ugh.

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  1. Ouch, I feel your pain. Here in ENC I once had a schol day (and scehduled test) canceled for what basically amounted to high winds. Oy.

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