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Nov 18 2008

First Actual Concert!

This past weekend, the LHS Choir had it’s first actual performance. We were guests up in Forrest City at a church there for a concert being put on by the University of Arkansas Inspirational Choir. As part of the concert, they wanted some local high school choirs to come sing, so we were invited! This was also the weekend Travis was visiting, and we were busy going all around the Delta/Memphis, since I wanted to show him as much as I could of the area during his couple of days here. So we spent Saturday in Memphis, visiting Stax, eating ribs, etc. and I had it timed so that we would get back to my house to give me just enough time to change and get to the high school to meet my students to get on the bus.

One problem. I forgot that I was supposed to pick up one of my students – my best singer and a soloist that evening – at his house down in Rondo, about 10 minutes in the opposite direction of school. This dawned on my as I was putting on my suit, and I hit scramble mode. I had all the permission slips which gave out home phone numbers of everybody, but not cell phone numbers of my students who would be waiting. But I figured that I could pick up Darryl, and then he could call some people to let them know we were on our way. So Travis and I get to Rondo, pick up Darryl, and I ask him to call one of the other students. His cell phone, however, is dead. So it looks like we’re just going to be late. Not a good way to kick off my first field trip with my students. We show up about 20 minutes after I told everybody to be there, but there were cars there, I apologized to all the parents waiting, apologized to all the students there (thankfully only 11 showed up – just enough to sing, but not as many as I was expecting…) and then turn to realize there was no bus.

Problem number 2. I don’t have the bus company’s phone number. I manage to try to call them up, but no one is answering. The custodian of the school happens to drop by, and he checks over at the bus depot to see what’s going on. Turns out the driver just never showed up. So I call up Micah and Kelly to ask them to drive the rest of my choir up to Forrest City so we can make the performance, and they came through in the clutch big time. About 5 minutes later, both of them came barreling into the parking lot and there was just enough space between the 3 of our cars to fit everybody (legally) that showed up to sing. Disaster avoided.

We made it in time to warm up and get situated before the concert and it turned out to be a fantastic evening. We sang two songs, “He is God” and “Seasons of Love” and got a great reception from the extremely welcoming and supportive crowd (which was huge for a pretty small church!). We were followed by the Forrest City Gospel Choir, and then an amazing performance by the Arkansas Inspirational Singers. My students had a fantastic time, and I’m so glad they not only had the opportunity to perform outside of the high school, but also got to hear a really fantastic choir sing great gospel music. I need to find some of their arrangements to bring back to LHS…

Other highlight of the night: On the way home I think two of my students were making out quietly in the back seat of my car. I’m not really sure what to do about this.

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  1. Katie

    Sounds like you need a manager. :-)

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